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Welcome to our store!
Welcome to our store!

About Us


Wollongong City View


Egan Street was founded upon the goal of reviving traditional items from the past and integrate them into today’s way of living. We want to achieve a healthy balance of style, design and practicality that everyone can be appreciative of.

Our store features a diverse catalog of products ranging from homeware to outdoor goods that echoes the retro aesthetic. We aim to achieve a high level of detail and quality in our products as a testament to the everlasting influence of the retro era.

We also want to play our part in creating a sustainable environment. Our products are manufactured by reputable companies across the globe who favour eco-friendly practices. This ensures our products are made with respect to the enviroment. 

We wanted to make our vision of retro living a reality so that anyone, regardless of age, can experience a bygone era reborn as an era of love, memories and treasured moments.